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Belties in the Biosphere

Guests visiting Nithbank love to meet our Belted Galloway Cows, they are super friendly and love feeding time.

We think Belted Galloways are really special and here’s why…

People ask what are Belted Galloways and why do they have a white stripe?

Belted Galloways are native to the area of Dumfries and Galloway, our home breed.  They are a particularly hardy breed as they are well adapted to grazing the upland pastures and hillside moorlands in all weathers.  The breed are particularly known for their special qualities of producing exceptional beef and being slow reared whilst promoting conservation grazing.

Conservation grazing promotes the biodiversity of grasslands, heathlands, wetlands and many other habitats. It is is generally less intensive and proven to be beneficial in restoring and maintaining grassland ecosystems.

Our Belties are incredibly curious and loveable!

Come and say hello for yourself.

If you are interested in visiting more farms across the area and having fun with highland coos or alpacas, you can find out more on the Scottish GoRural Farm Tours website or ask us for more details on local farm tours.

Meet Bonnie, Ripple and Betty our Belted Galloway Coos